NCS Kya Hai. NCS Portal kya hai ? NCS Portal registration


What is NCS?  What is NCS portal?  How to register on NCS portal.  All these questions will be coming in your mind.  Today we are giving you all the information related to NCS through this article.  The Government of India has launched a portal.  Which is named NCS Portal.  This portal is based on ICT.  This portal was created so that the youth can get employment.  The National Career Service Portal has been kept by the Government of India with this thinking.  This portal has all kinds of facilities for the youth.  Those who want a job, who have to give a job, those who give training are registered.

NCS Portal |  National Career Services Portal |  National Career Services Portal apply online

 You are also given advice related to your career on the NCS portal.

 Through this portal, the youth will get even better jobs.  Any youth who does not have employment and is unemployed.  Then they will get a job after registering on this portal.

 NCS provides this service / NCS provides this service

 Career Center Get career guidance from a registered job applicant career counselor.  Registration of career appointments to those providing skills knowledge with career-related courses.  All things available on one platform

 Not only do you get a job on the NCS portal, but if you want an employee in it, you can also register here.  If you have to give any kind of career related information, you can still register on the NCS portal.

NCS Portal Ke Fayde / National Career Services Portal Benfit

 National Career Service Portal is a very beneficial portal, with the help of this portal, unemployed youth get easy and good jobs too.  And on this portal, many counselors also provide career-related guidance.

 On this portal, any unemployed youth can register themselves at no charge.  After the creation of this portal, now unemployed youth will not have to wander elsewhere.  And get employment easily.  To prevent misuse in hotels, the Aadhaar card has also been made mandatory on this portal.  Through this portal, youth are given career related knowledge by the counselor.  Along with this, students will also get guidance for their careers.  Through this portal, more than 3000 jobs are provided to the youth.  Information from IT to textile and automobiles has been provided on this portal.

 How to register online on National Career Services Portal / How to register online on National Career Services Portal

 National Career Services Portal apply online

 If you want to register yourself on the National Career Service Portal, then you have to follow our steps mentioned below.  After doing this, you can take advantage of the information given on the National Career Service portal.

 For this, you have to first go to  If you want, you can also visit this link.

After doing this you will have to sign up on a new user.  After this you have to click on the registration button.  After this, the registration form will open.  Now you have to fill this form carefully

Ncs portal registration

After all the information, after this you can register on it.

 National Career Service Portal has also given a helpline number, with the help of these numbers you can also get any kind of information, it is a free helpline number.  Helpline

 Number - 1800 425 is 1514.

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